: DMSE Turquoise World Peace Symbol Love Flag 3X5 Ft Foot 100%  Polyester 100D Flag UV Resistant (3' X 5' Ft Foot) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

STAND FOR PEACE Saturdays  Noon to 1 PM

April 20: Farwell/North

April 27: Capitol/Humboldt

May 4: Howell/Layton

May 11: St. Paul/Water

May 18: Capitol/Teutonia

May 25: Lincoln Memorial/La Fayette Hill

Each year at tax time, the National Priorities Project produces a tax receipt that shows where your federal income taxes went.
This year, our receipt shows that the average taxpayer contributed $5,109 to militarism and its support systems, including weapons and war, deportations and detentions, mass incarceration and veterans’ programs.
That includes support for those who profit from war. The average taxpayer gave:
By contrast, investments that keep us safe and strengthen our families and communities are getting short shrift. The average taxpayer paid just:
This just doesn’t make any sense. 
We need a budget that invests in the things we want more of (education, health care, clean energy) and less in things we need less of (war, deportations, and mass incarceration). We’ll only get there if we push back on the politics that favor corporate profits over public welfare.