Sue Ruggles photos and videos

Special Stand for Peace: 18th Anniversary of Iraq War, March 20, 2021- Photos and video by Susan Ruggles

There’s also a Flickr album that includes the video …

Milwaukee Observance of the Entry into Force of the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Jan 22, 2021
Here’s the video link, you can hear the wind howling in the background!
Here’s the photo album that includes the video …

Rally for a People’s Agenda at Biden Town Hall, March 2021, …

Peace Billboard Event in 2020 -

 Veterans for Peace, Milwaukee Chapter 102, Armistice Day program, 2019  Watch it here.

Peace Train Video from 2020 Annual Meeting  - features Peace Action Highlights of 2020


Here's the link for my new video  "Have You Been to Jail for Justice"… 

This is a companion photo album for the video.
No Blood for Oil: 30th Anniversary of the Gulf War
Pizza by the Peace -
Project Unspeakable -
18th Annual MLK Justice Program -
Armistice Day 100th Anniversary Program -
Peace Action Annual Meeting 2018 -
Kathy Kelly Speaks out on Yemen -
Gwen Moore for Peace - Gwen at anti-war rallies.docx

Harvey Taylor

Friends, my video in partnership with Susan Ruggles, 'The Dove Of 

created in solidarity with those urging thorough, impartial 
investigation, diplomacy, negotiation,
the hard, rewarding work of peace-making, instead of the disastrous rush 
to war,
leading to the ongoing catastrophes in Iraq and elsewhere.

This is the 8th Ruggles/Taylor co-creation, all aspiring to contribute 
something positive
to very difficult challenges around social justice, environmental, 
pro-peace, and related concerns.

If interested, you can access them all on my website:

May we all do our best to make a difference