Coalition Toward Peace in the Asia Pacific,

Protest Against Kishida/Yoon Visit

Friday (11/17), South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will exchange speeches ON  the Stanford U Campus at the Hoover Institution, moderated by Secretary Condoleezza Rice. 

While Stanford will frame the trilateral summit as promotingpeace and prosperity in the region,” the US-Japan-ROK alliance in its current trajectory promotes warlike posturing, land dispossession, labor suppression, historical denialism, environment devastation, and collusion with genocide engendered by deepening militarization commitments. 

In response, we INVITE YOU to join our PROTEST from 12:30-3:30 PM this Friday (11/17) at Stanford during the event. Our mobilization aims to provide explosive political education regarding the devastating effects of the trilateral summit. Please contact [email protected] for more details on the action itself if you are able to attend.

If you can attend/support, READ OUR POINTS OF UNITY and SIGN ON using this form:


Our coalition of organizations is gathering to CONDEMN these harms and AMPLIFY the popular opposition to them. It is our organizations, not the governments invited, that represent the popular will of the people. Below are some of the statements our organizations agree upon as our reasons for convening to protest. 

  1. We condemn the commitments for trilateral military cooperation made between Joe Biden, Fumio Kishida, and Yoon Suk Yeol that escalate tensions in the Asia-Pacific. 

  2. We condemn the dispossession of people's land that follows when Japan and the ROK collaborate with the US expansion of military bases and other installations.

  3. We condemn the Yoon government’s brutal repression of labor rights that is bolstered by security guarantees from the US and Japan provided in exchange for increased military and economic cooperation.

  4. We condemn the historical denialism enforced by summit participants that forbids comfort women, forced laborers, and all other victims of US and Japanese war crimes from seeking proper justice.

  5. We condemn the inability of the US, Japan, and ROK to provide people with basic living needs and social services while spending unmitigated amounts of public funds on inflating military budgets and war profits.

  6. We condemn the environmental devastation wrought by a trilateral alliance that stains our soils, waters, and planet with toxic waste.

  7. We condemn the participation of President Yoon, Prime Minister Kishida, and other event conveners in the 2023 APEC Leaders Summit, which has already been met with fierce opposition by allies in the No to APEC Coalition.

  8. We condemn the gathering countries’ involvement in arms trade and security cooperation with the Zionist state of Israel, which has now murdered over 10 thousand Palestinians in Gaza, 4 thousand of whom have been children.


For more details on each of these points and current undersigned organizations, refer to this document:

We hope to see you this Friday. Sign on here, again: To clarify, sign ons are for organizations. We encourage individuals to show out regardless of affiliation.

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