Banner Drop with us July 3 on the Lakefront!

Celebrate Julian Assange’s Birthday

 Banner Drop on the Brady Street Bridge overpass

 Monday July 3 at 4:30 pm


 Join us for this nationwide Banner Drop on Julian's birthday on the Brady Street Bridge over Lincoln Memorial Drive in Milwaukee. 

We will drop 20-foot banners for traffic going each way that say FREE JULIAN ASSANGE and Journalism is not a crime.

You can do something- make noise,  protest, and  make this effort visible. Help us hand out flyers and visit our table on the Prospect side of the overpass.

Ramp access is available from both sides, Prospect Avenue and Lincoln Memorial Drive.


Dear Assange Supporters,
The imminent extradition of Assange and death of journalism is quite simply what is at stake.

It could be as short as five weeks from now that Julian is extradited or commits suicide.

His wife spoke up at the Russell Brand event on censorship in London yesterday.  Her words are incredibly powerful.  Please listen:

In his recent article, Chris Hedges lays out what has happened, what will happen, and the consequences of our collective inaction. Assange’s lawyers' incredibly well argued, over 100 page appeal, detailing blatant abuse in his case filed over ten months ago, was recently dismissed with a short, three-page statement. Incredibly the U.K. Judge Jonathan Swift said a no more than 20-page summary defense rebuttal and no more than 30 minute trial before a 2 judge panel (which includes the prosecution's response) would be allowed in the denouement to this Kafkaesque series of U.K. show trials.
Hedges writes, "No doubt the plane waiting to take him to the U.S. will be well stocked with blindfolds, sedatives, shackles, enemas, diapers and jumpsuits used to facilitate “extraordinary renditions” conducted by the C.I.A.."  


Only the European Court of Human Rights will then stand in the way of Assange’s extradition, and the U.K. has ignored their edicts in the past.
The powers that be are counting on their smear campaign over the past decade to have done its job so that we allow them to destroy our children and grandchildren's ability to hold our government accountable.  Please don't let that happen.

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