Amy Goodman plays highlights of the Belmarsh Tribunal about Assange on Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman devoted 50 minutes of her broadcast Monday, January 23, to a highlight reel from the Belmarsh Tribunal about Julian Assange. Daniel Ellsberg, Jeremy Corbyn, Noam Chomsky and others are featured. She starts the series of clips with the words of the ACLU's Ben Wizner,

"No government in any kind of system will voluntarily disclose its own crimes. For that we need brave sources who have first hand evidence and we need a free press and brave publishers who are willing to bring this information to the people to whom it belongs." - Ben Wizner, Belmarsh Tribunal

The link for this entire segment of Democracy Now! is here:

At minute 54, Suchita Vijayan, lawyer for the Polis Project, describes the civil liberties violations already endured by Assange,

"...systematic violations of due process, judicial bias, manipulated and manufactured evidence, defamation, lies, propaganda, denial of basic dignity, assasination attempts and threats." - Suchita Vijayan, Belmarsh Tribunal

ACTION ITEM:  If you feel so moved after watching this DC Press Club event, please contact your Representative and Senators at 202-224-3121 (Capitol switchboard) to urge them to protect press freedom by urging President Biden to drop the charges against the publisher, Julian Assange.
For more information, please contact Ann Batiza:  414-238-3903 or [email protected]
As always, please note the lack of corporate and U.S. media coverage of anything informative about Assange.  Although C-SPAN live-streamed this event, the video is not available on their website. Thank you very much for your support of press freedom and social justice.
Best regards,
Ann Batiza
Peace Action of Wisconsin - Steering Committee member
Assange Defense - National Organizing Committee member
Assange Defense MKE - Founder



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