Our Lobbying Partner - FCNL

Peace Action of Wisconsin is collaborating in our lobbying visits with the Milwaukee Advocacy Team of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). FCNL is a Quaker related organization that has worked for peace and justice nationally since 1940. This national grassroots network of 80 advocacy teams is trained to lobby congress, write letters and other forms of advocacy work. Working with other teams increases the effectiveness.

Members of Peace Action have joined the Milwaukee team of FCNL for many visits to Senators Baldwin and Johnson and to Representatives Moore and Sensenbrenner. This year the visits focused on urging them to support legislation that would prevent the president from use of military force in North Korea without the consent of Congress and to allow humanitarian aid to be delivered to North Korea.

In October, Peace Action joined FCNL in a visit to Senator Ron Johnson’s office to oppose US involvement in the war in Yemen. We asked that he work to end this illegal and immoral war.

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