WI Senate Candidates Peace Forum

WI Senate Candidate Peace Forum

Our WI Senate Candidate Peace Forum Coalition is arranging a Zoom forum for U.S. Senate candidates about their positions on foreign policy issues, and requests your help. We plan to hold the forum in mid- to late July.

The time, date and zoom link will be be provided soon. The forum and interview recordings will be accessible on web sites and on youtube.

WI  forum topics 

The candidate's experience, interest and/or expertise in U.S. foreign policy, Pentagon spending, and promoting international peace. 

The war in Ukraine. 

Nuclear weapons funding and non-proliferation. 

Reducing Pentagon Spending, such as for basing F-35 warplanes in Madison, and shifting funds to human needs. 

The Yemen War Powers Resolution, H.J. Res. 87.  

Congressional oversight of U.S. sanctions on foreign countries.


The Milwaukee Turners is a sponsor of the forum. Emilio De Torre, the executive director, will be the moderator. This effort is non-partisan, will not lead to us endorsing any candidate, and we are not asking for money. 

About this forum project 

The Wisconsin Senate race has gathered national attention and is a great opportunity for peace-minded people to raise issues to candidates and the public, push candidates toward good positions, and hopefully end up with a pro-peace Senator. 

The most morally consequential decision Congress can make is authorizing military force. 

The Constitution gives Congress the sole power to declare war. We need to know whether the candidates can provide a check on presidential power, and their budget priorities. 

This project serves two functions: 

1) Educate the candidates and the voters about issues that concern Wisconsin and national peace groups, and that impact every domestic issue. 

2) Educate the voters about the foreign policy positions of the candidates.

We are asking organizations and leaders to support this project, and people to sign on as individual supporters.

 We need your help to get  the candidates to participate in the forum on peace issues, which are rarely discussed in mainstream media. 

  1. a) For organizations that can act fast, may we list your group as a "publicizer" of this forum?
  2. b) For individuals who are or were leaders of Wisconsin organizations, we would very much appreciate showing you as a supporter on the letter to candidates, listing your group and position for identification purposes only. We also invite support from elected officials. 

We ask you to lend your name and commit to publicizing the forum to group members and friends. Even if a public statement of support for the forum project is not possible, you could help by publicizing as a "silent" supporter.  

To make this work, we need Wisconsin groups and leaders to declare their support for the forum and promise to publicize it. 

If you are willing to publicly or silently support this project, please let us know and we will email you the forum date and Zoom link when they are set. The support form is below. Please contact us by email if you have questions about this project.

Send back your decision to support this effort to: [email protected] 

Thanks for whatever you can do to make this project a success. 


  Please send us the following information:


Your name  ......... 

Your organization  ................ 

Its location ..................... 

Is it statewide? ............... 

Your position ................. 

Is that current or past?  ......... 

Phone number  ............ 

Email  .............. 

[  ] I'm authorized to say that my group will publicize the forum. 

If not authorized but you have or had some leadership position, could we list your name, but with position and organization for identification purposes only?    ............. 

[  ] I'm an elected government official: here are details including location.  ........... 

[  ] I or my group can't show any public support but will help publicize the forum. 

For any of the above, to about how many people could you publicize the forum?  ...........  

If you can offer to publicize this forum to additional groups, please do separate forms. 

[  ]  I'm not interested or my group can't participate. 


Forum project co-coordinators: 

Steve Watrous, President, United Nations Association - Greater Milwaukee chapter 

Jim Carpenter, Co-Chair, End Wars and Occupations Team of Progressive Democrats of America [PDA is not part of the Democratic Party


We realize that no one understands everything about all global issues. If you wish to know more about our questions, we can provide brief explanations and links for more info. We do not ask that you agree with every question that will be asked of the candidates. Alas, with time constraints, not every important peace question will be asked of the candidates. We hope our questions will help differentiate between more hawkish and dovish candidates. 

Our plan is to gather lots of supporters like you, set a date for the Zoom forum, then send the forum invitation with the list of publicizers and topics to all the candidates. Please share news of this project widely, including to mass media contacts. 


Activists from these and other groups initiated the forum project:  

Friends Committee on National Legislation - Milwaukee and Madison Advocacy Teams

United Nations Association - Greater Milwaukee and Dane County chapters

End the Wars Coalition [Milwaukee]

Peace Action - WI

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba

 Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom - Milwaukee. 


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