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GOLDEN RULE TO END VOYAGE IN EVANSTON AND CHICAGO.  The Golden Rule, the historic sailboat of Veterans for Peace (VFP), will conclude an 11,000-mile voyage for peace next week with a series of events in Evanston and Chicago.    Details.  After that, the boat will return to Racine Wed 9/20 – Sun 9/24 at  River’s End Marina, 1001 Michigan Blvd, Racine.  

NEED VOLUNTEERS! Remove sails, rigging, bowsprit. Unstep and strip the masts. Prepare for trucking the Golden Rule to California.  Some of us will go down to help and see it off.  Watch for detaianston events


       Elaine Marie Kinch for the Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice   
Thanks to everyone that helped us bring the Golden Rule to Racine and/or was present at our events! 
        Very special thanks go out to our CO-SPONSORS:: Ground Zero Veterans Outreach in Union Grove, Donna Kelly of Ground Zero Veterans Outreach, Kenosha/Racine Quakers, Social Justice Committee of the Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church, Coming Together Racine, Racine Dominican Sisters, Michael Kelley, First Presbyterian Church of Racine,  Racine Interfaith Coalition, Dr. Aaron Cruthers, Terry Marcus,  Amy Cermak and Racine Yacht Club, Flagship Wisconsin.





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Helen Jaccard and Gerry Condon: The Golden Rule and nuclear war "The Golden Rule" is a sailboat that was to sai...

The picture is of Marshall Islanders being evacuated due to nuclear testing.

   Mission Restored!

The Golden Rule action inspired many peace makers and peace ships that followed, including Greenpeace.

Golden Rule was rescued from a watery grave in 2010 and restored to her former beauty by Veterans For Peace and others who support her new mission: to promote a nuclear free future, to educate about the dangers of radiation to humanity and the environment, and to support peaceful alternatives to war. The Golden Rule Project supports the climate justice movement and conversion from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable energy.

From 2015 - 2018 the Golden Rule sailed up and down the West Coast between British Columbia and San Diego.

In July 2019 the Golden Rule sailed again to Hawai’i, where there is great concern about a nuclear war between the US and North Korea.

After 22 months, over 100 presentations, and visiting most of the Hawaiian islands, Golden Rule  returned to California, and in September 2022 went overland to Minnesota to  start the Great Loop.

Sailing for a Nuclear-Free World!



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PHOTOS: Gerry Condon

Chris Stone, Times of San Diego

The Albert Bigelow Papers, Swarthmore College Peace Collection

The Golden Rule Sails By The United Nations

   The Golden Rule, a storied sailboat that helped bring about an end to atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, will visit Milwaukee Sept. 1-4 as part of a 15-month, 11,000-mile voyage to inform and educate the public about the dangers of nuclear weapons proliferation.

The boat will be docked at Lakeshore State Park, on the downtown lakefront between Discovery World and Milwaukee World Festival grounds. It will be open to the public for visits and tours. Public events will be held, and speakers/crew members will be available for presentations at schools, churches or other venues. Milwaukee Veterans For Peace, Peace Action Wisconsin, and a dozen other peace and justice groups are sponsors.

The boat will be at Discovery World on Friday, Sept. 1, and in a slip at nearby Lakeshore State Park Saturday through Monday, Sept. 2-4, with visitors welcome every afternoon.

In 1958 a crew of Quakers sailed the Golden Rule from Hawaii towards the Marshall Islands, intending to protest and interfere with atmospheric nuclear weapons tests, although that voyage was halted and the crew arrested.

The Golden Rule action inspired many peace makers and peace ships that followed.  As a result of this highly publicized mission and public outcry about the radiation blowing round the world, President John Kennedy signed the Limited.Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963.

Golden Rule had sunk but was rescued from a watery grave in 2010 and restored in 2015 by Veterans For Peace and others who support her new mission: to promote a nuclear-free future, and educate about the dangers of radiation to humanity and the environment. It toured the West Coast and Hawaii extensively. In September 2022 it went overland to Minnesota to start the Great Loop.

By the time it reaches Milwaukee, Golden Rule will have been sailing for nearly a year on the Great Loop.  It started in Minnesota, on the mighty Mississippi on its way to the Gulf, the Atlantic Seaboard and eventually the Great Lakes.   It has been warmly welcomed all along the route, with mayoral proclamations, music and thanks from grateful Marshall Islanders, and scores of public events to spread the word about the danger nuclear weapons proliferation poses to our planet.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the boat, meet the crew and learn more about how you can get involved. 

Join us at Lakeshore State Park on Labor Day weekend.  Watch for more details.