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URGENT – Congress To Vote On Nuclear Weapons, War and More
nuke stockpile

Take Action: Call Your Rep NOW To End New Nuclear Weapons, War and Cluster Bombs! 1(844)735-1362 Congress continues to work feverishly on the budget appropriations process. Your efforts led to at least one victory last week; the Senate blocked Sen. McCain (R-AZ) from adding another $18 billion to the already bloated Pentagon budget. Over the […]

VIDEO: Peace Action President Kevin Martin on Democracy Now! on Obama trip to Hiroshima


SIGN/SHARE: Join The Hibakusha In Demanding The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons:

Join The Hibakusha In Demanding The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Peace Action and it’s affiliates have long been leaders in the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. Along the way, Peace Action has worked with the Hibakusha (A-bomb survivors), hosting them on speaking tours across America and now, strongly supporting the international petition campaign they […]

It’s time to end the Syrian civil war

From our friends at Massachusetts Peace Action President Putin announced that most Russian forces are withdrawing from Syria. Now, it’s time for the United States to reciprocate and press its allies and the rebel armies it supports to take this opportunity to bring a negotiated end to the Syrian civil war. One of the best […]

Policy brief: Defense policy and the 2016 Election
election 2016

2016 is a critical year for the peace movement. To help prepare for the upcoming presidential election, Peace Action Wisconsin is committed to keeping members like informed with the latest news and analysis on where the candidates stand on the issues Peace voters care about most. Whether it’s the military budget or Middle East policy, […]

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