Peace Center (**Transitional** Reservation Calendar)

The Peace Center (transitional name) is independently managed.

Tenants, other organizations & individuals can reserve the space for various meetings and activities.


  • Rooms: Peace Center accommodates more than one meeting at the same time, depending on how many participants and the set up that is needed.
  • Privacy: There's only one shared bathroom accessible through the main meeting room.
    • If it is a totally private meeting, we may need to set it up so no others can walk into your reserved space.
  • Scheduling: If you would like to schedule a meeting, please check calendar below (for example, if you see only one 'busy' during a specific slot, it may mean that other rooms/areas are available)
    • We are temporarily using a Google Calendar.
      It only shows the ending times if you click on "busy"
  • Reservations: email your request to: ,
    • include: point/responsible persons' names, organization, meeting title (and is it totally private?), date, time (need any setup time?), contact info (voice, text, email), etc...
  • Sustaining this Project: We ask that you contribute to help us cover the Center's expenses and support making it a hub for progressive anti-war peace activities and meetings.
    Sliding scale depending on groups and individuals in attendance:
    • One idea is to pass the basket and briefing attendees on supporting the project.
    • Many formulas we are experimenting with is: sliding scale $30-$???/2-hour meeting and/or $2-$??? per participant per 2-hour meeting, etc....
    • We're flexible but we need your support...
    • And there may be other ways you could help.
  • Maintenance: we ask that you leave the space even cleaner than you found it, empty garbage and recycling (the bins are in front of the garage), turn off lights, check and re-lock all the doors, let us know if you see anything that we need to attend to, etc...
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessibility is via portable temporary ramp into first floor.

Thank you. (See below 2 versions of the same calendar)


For reservations email