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Peace Action has been around for a long time and con­tin­ues to stand at the fore­front of the cur­rent strug­gles for peace and social jus­tice. A focus on peace allows us as an orga­ni­za­tion to con­front a broad range of issues from local labor cam­paigns to oppos­ing inter­na­tional con­flict.

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Wisconsin Job Security Campaign:  A declining amount of defense spending coming into Wisconsin since the peak of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is causing thousands of hard working Wisconsinites to lose their jobs through no fault of their own. We need to protect Wisconsin’s workers and strengthen our state’s economy by reducing our dependence on military production and transition to a more competitive and sustainable economic future. We are working with local, state, and federal legislatures as well as with workers and labor organizations, businesses, and communities most directly impacted by this to devise and implement long term solutions to maintaining Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry while transitioning away from a war economy.

Foreign Policy for AllHold our elected representatives accountable and pressure them to pursue a US foreign policy based on peace, justice and diplomacy. This campaign is focused around mobilizing Wisconsinites to engage in the political process via email alerts to contract their representatives, education via social media and organizing grassroots lobbying efforts to impact legislation in favor of peaceful conflict resolutions. This campaign also advances our organization’s founding mission of global nuclear disarmament. With the cold war long in the past, we must significantly reduce the U.S. government’s nuclear stockpile, decommission their delivery systems and cut back their maintenance, upgrade and development costs in order to safeguard against the threat of nuclear war.

Environmental Justice: Contribute to the environmental sustainability of our local community, protect Wisconsin’s ecosystem and natural beauty from mining, fracking and pipelines and add to the global movement to confront global warming.

Peace VoterDemocracy is bigger than voting, it’s about getting out in the community and building the popular power necessary for making a big impact on the big issues. Mobilize vot­ers around issues of peace and justice through issue education and door-to-door canvassing to promote substantive civic engagement. In election years we produce candidate questionnaires and subsequent voter guides on our issues for public distribution and conduct get out the vote efforts in coordination with dozens of other community organizations.

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