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Move the Money!

Move the Money!

Peace Action’s Move the Money campaign is a national effort to bring our war money home for jobs, education, housing, health care, transit, infrastructure, community services, etc.

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Want to educate yourself and others about war spending and what it means to your community?
Check out two leading sources here:

National Priorities Project, & Peace Action’s “Move the Money” toolkit.

Click here to find out how much money your city spends on war and what that money could have paid for!

Help your city adopt a “Move the Money” resolution!


This fall, Milwaukee’s Common Council unanimously adopted a “Move the Money” resolution, calling for the redirection of overseas military spending back to our communities for human needs.  With the fiscal battle looming in early 2013, let’s send a message to Congress – Move the Money!

Join WNPJ and Peace Action’s statewide and national resolution effort!

Interested in passing a Move the Money resolution in your city?  Call 414-964-5158!

Shift U.S. Spending Priorities; Save State Jobs

This op-ed appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Nov. 2, 2012.  Written by Peace Action WI Program Director Mike Helbick, this article offers an alternative to the instability of an economy built on war.


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  Your Tax Dollars at War!

Great, short video explaining how our tax money is used.

“Entitlement” programs don’t drain our economy — war DOES!



From the National Priorities Project:

Discretionary Spending FY 2013