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Plan a Legacy Contribution


Planned Giving: Honoring the Past by Contributing to the Future

For a small but vital organization like Peace Action Wisconsin, the support of lifetime members is crucial to ensuring that peace continues to be defended for as long as it is threatened by war and aggression. We remain dedicated to the founding mission of Peace Action Wisconsin and are working to respond to the ever greater need to expand peace activism beyond foreign policy to preserving the environment, building safe communities and protecting our rights in the digital age.

We are asking you to support the future of Peace Action Wisconsin and create a legacy that will make a lasting statement about your life and values.

Investing in the Next Generation of Peacelanternscap

The Peace Education Project of Peace Action Wisconsin is now offering the option to both dues and non-dues paying members to leave behind a planned gift through their estate. 

Your planned gift will sustain the indispensable work that Peace Action Wisconsin has been leading since 1977. Founded as Milwaukee Mobilization for Survival, we began grassroots political activism against the escalating nuclear arms race and the increasing production of nuclear weapons. We continue this work but have enlarged our mission to combat the military industrial complex and create a world where our human needs are met. A generous planned gift will help support this work for years to come.


There are two options available for you to give. You can donate through either a bequest or a retirement account (401K or IRA).  A bequest is a written statement in a donor’s will directing specific assets be transferred to a charity through the donor’s estate. A donation through a retirement account is an expectancy that designates a gift through the beneficiary.

1. You can give through a bequest by either a lump sum, percentage or remainder by simply including these instructions in your will:

“I give, bequeath, and devise the (sum, percentage, or remainder) of _____ (Number) to the Peace Education Project of Peace Action Wisconsin, located at 1001 E Keefe Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53212.”

2. To give through a retirement account, simply designate The Peace Education Project of Peace Action WI as a beneficiary and the amount you would like to give.


Benefits of Giving to the Peace Education Project, a 501c(3) Organization

Tax benefits: Gifts made to a 501c(3) are completely tax deductible for all income and estate purposes

Advance your cause: Support the work being done around the causes that are most important to you

Create a legacy: Even a small donation goes a long way to sustaining the work of Peace Action Wisconsin


Please contact us to let us know you want to plan a gift of peace and we can provide assistance and answer any questions

1001 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53212

Click here to download our planned giving literature as a PDF