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Wisconsin Job Security Campaign

Job Security is National Security!

The Wisconsin Job Security Coalition (WJSC) is a statewide coalition formed to protect and strengthen quality employment opportunities throughout Wisconsin. The WJSC unites Peace Action WI and our fellow peace organizations with workers, business owners, legislators and community organizations in the understanding that our state’s economic future rests on a multi-faceted initiative to ensure fair, equitable and accessible jobs for Wisconsin families.

Peace Action Wisconsin’s Defense Transition Campaign

Every year the amount of defense dollars coming into Wisconsin is declining resulting in thousands of hard working Wisconsinites losing their jobs through no fault of their own.

We need to protect Wisconsin’s workers and strengthen our state’s economy by reducing our dependence on military production and transition to a more competitive and sustainable economic future.

Through the WJSC, Peace Action WI is joining with workers, business owners, legislators and residents to implement defense transition initiatives to assist defense-contract dependent companies and communities.

Demand that our State Legislature take action to protect Wisconsin’s workers!

Sign the WJSC Petition:

Wisconsin’s Manufacturing Industry is being crippled by the lack of defense transition planning. By the end of this year, 30,000 jobs will be lost, and $3 Billion will have disappeared from our economy, leaving hardworking Wisconsinites holding the empty bag.

Sign on and support our legislators in implementing defense transition planning to ensure Wisconsin residents have a say in their future, and their childrens’ future.

Protect Wisconsin’s workers!


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Click here to learn more about how military spending affects Wisconsin’s economy
and why we need defense transition planning

-Wisconsin Job Security Updates-

Lanterns for Peace 2016!

Saturday, August 6th, 4-9pm, Washington park Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee RSVP here! Join us for food, music, activities for kids and adults, and our traditional ceremony of lighting and floating traditional Japanese paper lanterns to commemorate the nuclear holocaust. This year, we have a special thematic focus this year of connecting global violence to local […]

URGENT – Congress To Vote On Nuclear Weapons, War and More
nuke stockpile

Take Action: Call Your Rep NOW To End New Nuclear Weapons, War and Cluster Bombs! 1(844)735-1362 Congress continues to work feverishly on the budget appropriations process. Your efforts led to at least one victory last week; the Senate blocked Sen. McCain (R-AZ) from adding another $18 billion to the already bloated Pentagon budget. Over the […]

SIGN/SHARE: Join The Hibakusha In Demanding The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons:

Join The Hibakusha In Demanding The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Peace Action and it’s affiliates have long been leaders in the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. Along the way, Peace Action has worked with the Hibakusha (A-bomb survivors), hosting them on speaking tours across America and now, strongly supporting the international petition campaign they […]

Petition: Begin Negotiations to end the war in Syria
syria 1

Years of negotiations with Iran paid off.  Now we need to see the same commitment and determination from our government to stop the Syrian civil war.  We need a political solution, not more bombing. Weapons transfers and the imposition of a no-fly zone will only add fuel to the fire.  Take action by signing our petition to […]

TPP/Fast Track heading to Congress – Call your Rep Today!

Your Representative is about to vote on the Fast Track bill for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal! Tell them to oppose Fast Track authority for pushing through NAFTA on steroids! The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an international trade agreement being drafted by multinational corporations in complete secrecy from the public. The TPP will expand the […]

Senate vote today on Fast Track! No blank check for bad trade deals!

Your Senators are voting TODAY! Tell them to oppose Fast Track authority for pushing through NAFTA on steroids! The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an international trade agreement being drafted by multinational corporations in complete secrecy from the public. The TPP will expand the NAFTA-style policies that have already caused the loss of one in four […]

Take Action: Protect working Americans! Oppose Obama’s ‘NAFTA on steroids’!

In last night’s State of the Union speech, President Obama declared that “nothing helps families make ends meet like higher wages” and emphasized the need for a “new economy to keep churning out high-wage jobs.” He then went on to advocate for new trade agreements that would have the exact OPPOSITE effect on our economy! […]

National Spotlight on Need for Wisconsin to Reduce Dependence on Military Production

It’s Time to Reduce Economic Dependence on Pentagon Spending By Miriam Pemberton and William Hartung, The Hill, October 20, 2014 Defense-dependent communities need to start diversifying their economies now, before shifts in Pentagon spending leave them with few viable alternatives. Continuing tensions in Ukraine, an expanding war in Iraq and Syria, and record stock prices […]

Defense dependence leads to 300 more lost jobs at Oshkosh Corp.

Oshkosh Corporation, producer of armored Humvees for the US military and the Fox Valley’s largest manufacturer, will be cutting another 250 to 300 jobs by December as a result of declining military demand following the winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports: “We continue to reshape our workforce […]

9/1: Laborfest MKE 2014

LABORFEST MKE 2014 Labor day, September 1st 11 AM – Parade from the Zeidler Union Square to Summerfest Grounds Noon to 5 PM – Celebration at the Summerfest Grounds #LaborfestMKE – Join the Facebook event here! Celebrate rights we have earned by uniting to make jobs safer, better and fairer for everyone. Proudly made by Union Workers! […]

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