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Environmental Justice

Peace Action Wisconsin’s Environmental Justice Campaign seeks to:

  • Protect the environment of our community by supporting local environmental preservation initiatives and contribute to our neighborhood’s ecological sustainability through our Community Garden Project in the backyard of the Peace Action center.
  • Support the vital environmental work being done by organizations throughout Wisconsin to stop mining, fracking and pipelines that threaten our state’s ecosystem and natural beauty.
  • Add to the global movement to confront climate change and achieve a just and peaceful society in harmony with the natural world.

Through our Environmental Justice campaign we hope to contribute to the excellent work already being done by Riverwest organizations and the broader Environmental movement.

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Peace Action’s Community Garden Project

Peace Action WI in the process of creating a community garden at the Peace Action Center in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood. The space will feature public garden plots, local art displays and provide a beautiful outdoor venue organization events and neighborhood gatherings.


Community Garden development in progress


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Volunteer with the Project!

We are laying the groundwork for our community garden and are looking for volunteers with a green thumb or just looking to get a little dirty to help with the project.

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Our Partnership with IdleNoMore Wisconsin

This campaign is possible through our partnership with IdleNoMore Wisconsin. Check out the great work they’re up to below:

  • Updates from IdleNoMore Wisconsin:

    • photo from Tumblr

      The US has many “Flints” nationwide. Tell DNC and CNN to get #JusticeForFlint and focus the debate on #race #climate


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      #DirtyOil #Kochs + more flooding ads on #Dateline series #LoveWaterNotOil #KeepItInTheGround is their propaganda website: all those dots are purchased “ad” spaces they’ve bought in each series.


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      #1855Treaty … The Right to Rice .. Mon., Feb 1st court appearance after DNR issues Anishinaabe harvesters citations for “poaching” Manoomin without permit. #RightToRice for its the treaty rights of 1855 treaty to hunt, fish and gather in these said treaty territory’s join event


    • Dear Prime Minister and Premiers


      On behalf of our organizations and our millions of supporters, we would like to thank you for acknowledging the critical urgency of the growing climate crisis and for committing Canada to the goal of working to stabilize temperatures below 1.5 degrees of warming. As you know, meeting this goal is vitally important to the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions on the front lines of the climate crisis.

      The climate plans already put forward by provinces are a good first step. However, despite their ambitions, they all fall short of ensuring Canada does its fair share as the world works together to limit dangerous climate change. We need your continued leadership and actions to close the gap.

      Canadians from coast to coast to coast have given your governments a clear mandate not only to act, but to lead, and that continued leadership will be needed in the days, months, and years ahead.

      Climate science demands that the vast majority of the world’s fossil fuel reserves be left in the ground in order to limit dangerous global warming. Collectively, we must turn away from carbon enabling infrastructure, like the proposed TransCanada Energy East pipeline, Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline, and new refineries. We must completely decarbonize our existing economy, and build a just energy future that is 100% clean and renewable no later than 2050.

      Climate leadership across Canada will be demonstrated by a willingness to shift economic paths and leave carbon in the ground, as well as by charting a course for a thriving clean economy that harnesses the ingenuity of people across Canada.

      For these reasons, our organizations remain committed to opposing new fossil fuel energy infrastructure such as pipelines and tar sands projects in order to keep carbon in the ground and align with climate science and Canada’s global climate obligations. In doing so, we throw our full support behind the projects and policies that will put us on the pathway to a 100% clean and renewable energy future.

      We look forward to working with federal, provincial, municipal, and First Nations leaders, as well as the growing climate movement to support Canada to meet these challenges. We need to seize the tremendous renewable energy potential Canada has to offer, and help build a just transition for workers, communities and economies to move beyond oil.

      Sincerely, the following signatories


    • Photos: Inside the Fight to Save the Salish Sea | Earthjustice