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Support our work to stop Ebola

The 100:30 campaign is simple.  If 100 people commit to donating $30 or more every year, we can cover our basic operation expenses and annual project goals.  Over the past two months,  more than twenty people have become members of our network by making a donation!  During this holiday season, please consider becoming a member of Africa Educates to support our critical work with DERSWA’s Stop Ebola campaign, and toward our educational projects in our in Maamobi, Ghana and Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Help stop Ebola. Keep children learning.  All it takes is a donation of $30.

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-Project Updates-

Africa Educates has expanded its work this fall from its original projects in Maamobi, Ghana and Freetown, Sierra Leone to help address the Ebola crisis in affected countries.  Organizations in Sierra Leone and Liberia face dire economic needs as a result of their work on the epidemic. Throughout October and November we received donations that helped ship self-powered radios to Sierra Leone.  

Yet our founding commitments to fundraise for our school in Maamobi, Ghana and towards the scholarship program in Freetown, Sierra Leone remain unwavering.  By becoming a member, you also help realize these commitments.  

-Our Mission-

Peace Action Wisconsin’s project, Africa Educates, links a transnational network of people interested in supporting African youth in educational and cultural leadership.  We assume that Africans not only have important knowledge and wisdom to impart to the rest of the world, but that African youth must lead us in deciding their own future and the future of the continent.  Because we value education, cross-cultural exchange, and transnational solidarity, we support and  encourage efforts by African youth and youth organizations to determine their future. We draw on Ghanaian adinkra symbols to represent our core values of knowledge, creative wisdom, and collaboration across cultures.

Africa Educates is made possible by volunteers in New York, Colorado, California, Ghana, and Sierra Leone – and is Administered by Peace Action WI member of many years, Daniel Pneuman. Peace Action WI has a long history of advocacy of issues relating to militarism and foreign policy in Africa and hosting fantastic educational events. Additionally, the PAWI store has sold bracelets, books, scarves, and other items made by organizations in Ghana, Kenya, and elsewhere. Daniel Pneuman and Africa Educates is partnering with Peace Action WI – an organization that has worked toward social justice and foreign policy issues for 37 years, to engage in these deserving projects.

We greatly appreciate Peace Action WI’s support of this project, and we look forward to a great partnership!

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The Maamobi Project: Accra, Ghana

Supporting Education in a Migrant Community

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Africa Educates partners with a low-income school called United Faith Nursery and Elementary Academy in the migrant community of Maamobi, Accra. Since 2009, individuals have donated children’s books, tables and chairs for the nursery, and supported the construction of an patio where the children of United Faith can play without kicking up dust, and school fees for children in need.

This year Africa Educates goals are to fundraise for:

32 desks at 60 ghc or $20USD each for the school at a total amount of $640USD

2 com­put­ers, one for the office and one for the kids to use at a total of $1500USD

One shipping bar­rel at $200USD with items such as kinder­garten mats, school and teach­ing sup­plies, chalk, and art sup­plies.

School fees—at $80 per year—for children in need of educational support is always welcomed. Two children at $80/$160


Total funds to raise for The Maamobi Project for the 2014-2015 fis­cal year: $2500USD.

Make a dona­tion to this Project, of $5, $10, $20, or any amount that feels right to you.

$20 buys one desk. $80 pay for a child’s school fees for an entire year.

Your sup­port is greatly appreciated!


Supporting Kids in Sierra Leone

students 3.jpg

Africa Educates also partners with ACCIP-West Africa, an African-led youth organization that works on peace building and youth development in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. ACCIP-Sierra Leone includes work on mentoring youth so they finish their education and attend university.  ACIPP founder and executive director, Simon Tsike-Sossah, mentors a group of 12 middle school children for whom he pays school fees and works on developing their sensibility around cultures of peace. Research demonstrates that a positive rela­tion­ship with nature is impor­tant for calm­ing the ner­vous sys­tem and raising gen­der equity among chil­dren. Africa Educates seeks donations for a scholarship fund that will allow the children to appreciate nature.

Monies donated for Sierra Leone Project will go towards the purchase of camping equipment and supplies so that Simon Tsike-Sossah can take the children out into nature during his visit to Sierra Leone next spring.

Make a dona­tion to this Project, of $5, $10, $20, or any amount that feels right to you.

Let’s get these kids out in nature.

Your sup­port is greatly appreciated.

Please click the donate button to make a secure contribution to the Maamobi Project  and Sierra Leone Scholarship Program via Paypal

-Africa Educates Team-

Caridad Souza – Codirector:
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Caridad Souza is a founding member of Africa Educates.  A professor of Ethnic Studies and the director of the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, she is passionate about education, social justice, and cultural exchange. Her teaching and research interests include the intersections between race, gender, sexuality, and culture, marginalized youth, and critical social literacies as praxis.  She visits West Africa frequently and is interested in supporting activist efforts by, for, and about African youth.  She can be reached at

Danny Pneuman – Codirector:

danny lanterns.jpg

Danny Pneuman is a founding member of Africa Educates. After graduating from SUNY Oneonta with degrees in Africana and Latino Studies and Political Science, he was hired to work for a civil rights law firm that serves the disenfranchised of Milwaukee. His deeply held convictions about challenging American global hegemony motivated him to join and become President of Peace Action WI (PAWI), a 37 year old grassroots social justice and foreign policy nonprofit which serves its state members by designing and leading focused legislative and advocacy campaigns. On behalf of PAWI, he has travelled around the United States and co-leads an annual diplomatic and development mission with the City of Milwaukee, to Carora, Venezuela.


Regina Pietroricca – Membership Coordinator:

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Meet Regina Pietroricca-a passionate humanist and data management ace. She has garnered her experience in project management and data entry over the years for a post production studio in San Diego, CA. She’s excited to offer management expertise to the non profit industry, and has partnered with Africa Educates in order to contribute to the educational development of West African youths. When she’s not busy crunching numbers and formatting reports, you can find her reading about current affairs and civil rights advocacy. She can be contacted at





Josette Souza – Social Media Coordinator:

She is passionate about all things relating to Black liberation and believes that only a multifaceted, intersectional, transnational approach that centers the thoughts, practices, and lived realities of the Black diaspora will be successful in solving the many challenges our communities face. Having just received her newly minted B.A. in Africana Studies from Brown University in May of 2014, she is currently living in Guanajuato, Mexico studying Spanish, teaching English, and trying to make friends with the Zapatistas. 





Katie Belanger – Graphic Designer:

Katie Belanger graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from UW-Milwaukee in 2011 and has been honing her craft ever since. When she’s not researching a new typeface or completing a freelance project, she can usually be found behind the lens of her Canon DSLR or stuffing her face with tacos at the local cantina. She can also be contacted at