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Peace Action Wisconsin Board of Directors

Daniel Pneuman
Brian Bunzel
Joanna Williams


Peace Education Project Steering Committee

Carole Poth
Angelique Rogers
Brian Bunzel
Sarah Little Red Feather
Erik Kirkstein
Jeffrey Kroll

To contact the Steering Committee, Email: pawiboard[at]

Steering Committee meetings take place on the 1st Tuesday of every month and are open to the public

Peace Action Wisconsin Staff

Nancy Yarbrough – Lead Organizer

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My name is Nancy Yarbrough I am currently a Lead Organizer for Peace Action WI. This allows me to promote and provoke change in the grassroots community.

My job includes but not limited to implementation of political campaigns, volunteer and membership recruitment and outreach, event planning and implementation, coalition and partnership outreach and development and general office and administrative duties.

I’m also the founder of Fresh Start Learning LLC. This deals with outreach and advocacy for human trafficking and domestic issues and disparities along with professional development and job retention training.

I am fairly new to the grassroots movement. I started out advocating for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) when I lost my mother January 2014. This was a pivotal time for me I have always been one to stand up for truth and justice I have been doing so for 20+ years for varies issues such as education, health and wellness, environmental conservation domestic advocacy and equality for all. When I lost my mom I moved away from corporate America to join in full time for advocacy education and justice outreach.

In my spare time I work with children in the inner city hosting Sunday school, human trafficking seminars, life skills as well as promoting youth programs. I am the proud mother of five beautiful children and two adorable grandchildren. I am looking forward to what the future holds for me in the grassroots movement. I plan on going to school to sharpen my knowledge of media outreach, public speaking, and grant writing to name a few. The future looks bright and I am hopeful that everything will fall into place.


Mitch Sandquist – Administrative Coordinator

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Mitchell Sandquist is a foreign policy buff and was a longtime volunteer with Peace Action prior to being hired on as staff in 2013.

Originally from Wausau, WI, my interest in foreign policy accelerated in the period leading up to the Iraq war. The United States is the richest nation in the world with the largest military in history. Seeing how the actions and policies of our government impact billions of people over the entire planet led me to believe that it’s our responsibility as American citizens to hold our legislators accountable for what our government does overseas.

My activist career began as student at UWM where I earned my degree in political science and economics. I was drawn into the antiwar movement on campus and here my passion for foreign policy intersected with the world of advocacy and action. I founded a couple of student organizations and by the time I graduated I had organized over 50 campus events featuring world-renowned authors, scholars and leaders in the movement for international justice. I worked closely with Peace Action WI on many of these events, learning skills and building lasting friendships along the way.

I have previously worked for a number of progressive organizations including Working America where I went door to door advocating for better health and education policies. I also contributed to a research team put together by the Media Action Center to monitor radio broadcasts for FCC election violations.

In my time on staff at Peace Action WI I have been increasingly drawn to using data as a tool for advancing social justice. I now manage all of the organization’s internal data and handle all the design and updating of this here website you’re looking at. I also publish the monthly newsletter ‘The Mobilizer’ and ensure an informed and active membership with the organization’s digital communications. The other side of my work here is processing the day-to-day finances and upkeep of the Peace Action Center.

In my time away from the Peace Action Center, I’m an avid skateboarder, though no longer the thrill seeker I once was. I’m also a reading addict, slowly chipping away at a never-ending ‘to read’ list. Early in life I detested reading but as my passion for politics grew, so did my quest to understand the world.