Our Mission

Peace Action Wis­con­sin (PAWI) is a peace and jus­tice orga­ni­za­tion dedicated to making the connections between international issues and our local community.  We work for a world with true eco­nomic and social e­qual­ity, where the envi­ron­ment is pre­served, and the threat of nuclear war­fare has been abol­ished. We offer our mem­bers oppor­tu­ni­ties for edu­ca­tion, lob­by­ing elected offi­cials, and tak­ing action on issues that threaten our way of life.

PAWI’s cur­rent cam­paigns include the Wisconsin Job Security Cam­paign which seeks to unite the Peace Community with Labor, Economic Justice, Environmental and Faith organizations to defend and expand a true national security based on fair, secure and dignified employment opportunity. Through this coalition, PAWI is working to protect our state’s manufacturing jobs by transitioning away from declining defense contracts to sustainable civilian production in a process called Economic Conversion. Our Foreign Policy for All Campaign aims to educate and mobilize our community to advocate for a peaceful, diplomatic US foreign policy on a number of issues including ending the US occupation of Afghanistan, supporting the diplomatic engagement with Iran and preventing the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘free’-trade agreement. PAWI’s sister organization Peace Education Project is coordinating the Peace Voter Cam­paign to engage and mobi­lize vot­ers around issues of peace and justice.

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 Peace Action Wisconsin’s Mission Statement

Peace Action-Wisconsin is a peace and justice organization which works for a world where human needs are met, the environment is preserved, and the threats of war and nuclear weapons have been abolished. We are committed to non-violence as a way of life and offer our members opportunities for education, lobbying and public witness.

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Our History

Founded as Milwaukee Mobilization for Survival in March of 1977, we were part of a national network of national peace and justice groups organized around the issues of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, the escalating arms race and the attendent decline in funding for human needs. National Mobilization for Survival grew to include over 125 peace and justice groups before its national office closed in 1992.

In January 1996 we affiliated with National Peace Action, which had been formed from the merger of SANE and the Nuclear Freeze Campaign. It is the largest grassroots peace and disarmament group in the country. In 1999 we became Peace Action-Wisconsin to reflect our statewide scope and membership.

Coalition Work

Peace Action launched the Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace which works to end existing, and prevent future, US wars and military occupations. Peace Action also works with other coalitions including United for Peace and Justice, the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, the Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, Friends of Palestine, Milwaukee Bolivarian Circles and the Milwaukee Justice Coalition.

Peace Action is committed to nonviolent social change through community education, legislative lobbying, public witness events, and coalition work.

Working with a broad spectrum of community groups, Peace Action has been in the forefront of building coalitions around progressive issues, serving as a clearinghouse for peace activities and taking the lead in organizing local action on international issues.

Peace Action-Wisconsin owns its own building, the Peace Action Center, which serves as office space for several peace, environmental and social change organizations and as a gathering place for community events and meetings. The Center offers a resource and audiovisual library and a Peace Store.


Peace Action Wisconsin is a 501(c)(4) non-profit membership organization.